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Top Online Blackjack Games Australia

Welcome to the world of top online blackjack casinos in Australia. If you want to play online casino games for real money, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together top-rated casino sites based on where you can play online blackjack and live blackjack online.

If you want blackjack strategies to help your chances of winning, refer to our strategies and how to play blackjack online below.

Best Online Blackjack Casino Sites 2023

Exclusive SkyCrown Casino
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Stellar Spins Casino
$10,000 Bonus +200 Free Spins. Minimum Deposit: $20
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New Offer Wazamba Casino
$750 Bonus + 200 Free Spins. Minimum Deposit: $15
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Wolf Winner Casino
$10,000 Bonus + 125 Free Spins. Minimum Deposit: $15
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$1200 Bonus + 300 Free Spins
18+. New players only. Welcome Offer – 100% Bonus up to $1200. This bonus only applies for deposits of $15 or higher! 98% Payout.
$5,000 Bonus +75 Free Spins.
18+. New players only. Welcome Offer – $5000 Bonus. This bonus only applies for deposits of $10 or higher! 99% Payout.

How to Play Blackjack Online

If you are new to blackjack, you can learn how to play with the simplest blackjack rules we’ve put together to help you play blackjack.

The first thing to note is that the blackjack game is played using a standard deck of 52 cards shuffled together. blackjack players range from 2 to 7 per table, but this is flexible on online blackjack, where you can play only with the dealer.

Card 2 to 10 equals their face value meaning 2 equals 2, etc. Ace equals 1 or 11 (whichever of the two benefits you). 10, Jack, King, and Queen each equal 10.

To play, you must first place your wager. After you’ve placed your wager, you will be dealt two cards; both faced up. The dealer will also be dealt two cards; one faced up and a hole card, which is dealt faced down.

Once you have your cards, the games begin. To win, you must have a total card value of 21 or anything closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand. If your total card value exceeds 21, you lose; this is called a bust. The basic aim is to have a total value of 21 or less but more than the dealer’s hand.

To win, you must have cards with a total value closer to 21 than the dealer. If you are dealt a hand with a total value of 21, you got a perfect blackjack.

If you win with a perfect blackjack, you get 3:2. If you win by the value of a bet closer to 21 than that of a dealer, you get 1:1.

You get your bet amount back if your score equals the dealer’s score. This is called a push.

After you’re dealt your first two cards, you have a choice either to hit, stand, double down, split, surrender, or take insurance. The dealer can only hit or stand.

  • Hit: If you think getting more cards will help your game, you can choose to hit. You hit when you want to be dealt more cards to improve your hand total.
  • Stand: You can stand if you think the initial two cards you are not dealt will beat the dealer’s hand. Once you stand, the dealer reveals their cards, and the outcome is final.
  • Double Down: You can double your bet at any time before you hit or stand. This is called doubling down. You can double down when you have a hand total that benefits you, but you still need to take another card.
    The total number of cards you can be dealt when you double down is one, meaning you must stand after you double down. You should double down when you believe you probably need just one more card to win.
    Double down does not apply to all online blackjack games.
  • Split: You can also choose to split after you’re dealt your first pair. Splitting is when you decide to put out a second bet. This is an option when you have two cards of the same value. Each card will be played with its hand, but these hands are both yours.
  • Surrender: You can surrender if you are unhappy with the initial cards you are dealing with. You can exchange your initial cards for the portion of your bet. This option is not available to all blackjack variants.
  • Take Insurance: You can bet on the dealer getting perfect blackjack. This is called taking insurance.

The good thing about blackjack is that the odds are on the player’s side. Blackjack is not just a game of luck. You can also steer the game’s direction to your advantage, and you have more advantages in the game than the dealer.

It is up to you to make strategic decisions along the game to maximize your winning chances. See the below strategies you can use to improve your winning chances.

Online blackjack

Popular Blackjack Game Strategies

  • If a dealer has a seven or high and your hand is less than 17, you should hit.
  • You should hit if a dealer has 8, 9, 10, or an Ace, and you have a pair of 7t.
  • But if you have pair of Aces, you should split your hand.
  • You should double down if your hand has a total card value of 11.
  • You should double down if the dealer card is low and there’s no Ace.

Types of Blackjack Games

Classic Blackjack Online

Classic Blackjack is the most popular blackjack game in most parts of the world, including Australia. The house edge for Classic Blackjack Online is lower, and the game’s rules are easier. Only two players are involved in classic blackjack: the player and the dealer.

European Blackjack

European Blackjack is played with two decks of cards. If the dealer has a blackjack, he wins unless the player also has a perfect blackjack. The dealer only receives their second card after the player has decided how to play the cards dealt to them. The player can only split once.

Pontoon Blackjack

Pontoon Blackjack is a variant of blackjack in which the dealer’s first two cards are both dealt face down. Because of this, the player gets a high payment win. A two-card hand of 21 is called a ‘Pontoon’ with Pontoon.

Double Exposure

The dealer’s first two cards are dealt face-up(exposed), blackjacks pay even more money, and you lose on ties.

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