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Australia’s Top Online Bingo Casinos

Playing online Bingo in Australia has improved, and we have managed to pick the best casino sites where you can play top-rated online bingo games. These casino sites have the best online ratings in Australia right now. We also uncovered that they offer exclusive top bonus payments, perfect graphics, best payouts and customer support.Australia's Top Online Bingo Casinos

Learn to play online Bingo in 6 easy steps and join millions of other Australians playing online Bingo from these top-rated casinos.

Best Bingo Online Casino Sites 2023

$10,000 Bonus
  • +200 Free Spins
  • Min Deposit: $20
  • Payout: 99%
$10,0000 Bonus
  • +100 Free Spins
  • Min Deposit: $10
  • Payout: 99%
$8000 Bonus
  • +700 Free Spins
  • Min Deposit: $30
  • Payout: 99%
$3000 Bonus
  • +350 Free Spins
  • Min Deposit: $30
  • Payout: 99%
$5000 Bonus
  • +350 Free Spins
  • Min Deposit: $20
  • Payout: 98%
$3000 Bonus
  • +350 Free Spins
  • Min Deposit: $30
  • Payout: 97%
$5000 Bonus
  • +300 Free Spins
  • Min Deposit: $20
  • Payout: 98%
$2100 Bonus
  • +150 Free Spins
  • Min Deposit: $20
  • Payout: 98%
$1500 Bonus
  • +100 Free Spins
  • Min Deposit: $20
  • Payout: 98%
$750 Bonus
  • +100 Free Spins
  • Min Deposit: $20
  • Payout: 98%

How to Choose the Right Online Bingo Site

There are plenty of online bingo sites in Australia, so choosing which one to use might be challenging. There are a few things that you need to consider before choosing an online bingo site to play on.

Online Bingo Bonuses

Some of the things you should consider before playing is the types of bonuses the casino is offering. Choosing a casino site that welcomes you with a good bonus is essential. You also have to understand the terms of the site’s bonuses.

We have picked casino sites offering players generous welcome and deposit bonuses, among others.

Bingo Online Site Reviews

You also have to look at the reviews of the site. Reviews are a good way to know what to expect from the site.

We only recommend sites that are loved by Aussies, we only pick sites with impressive customer reviews. The minimum star awards for the sites we recommend is 3.

Mobile Gaming

You must find out if the bingo site is responsive to mobile devices. Reviews can help you understand if the site supports your mobile device. Not all sites are responsive to mobile devices; make sure you play on a site that will give you a pleasant user experience on your mobile device.

Gambling Licenses

You need to know whether the site you have chosen is licensed or not. A licensed bingo site is safer because it is legal for you to play on and can’t be rigged. Licensed online gambling sites are audited to ensure they offer fair gambling services. We always make sure that the sites we recommend are licensed and regulated.

Customer Support

Make sure you choose a site that offers customer support. You need to know that you can call at any hour of the day and have your queries addressed.

Deposits and Payouts

Deposit and payout methods are essential, be sure that the site you play on sites that offers efficient deposit and payout methods. Go through the site’s terms to understand the cashout methods and the durations of the site’s payouts.

Online Bingo Australia

How to Play Online Bingo

Playing Bingo online is much like playing Bingo in real life, but with the convenience of playing anywhere. One of the criteria used to identify the best online casinos is whether their games are user-friendly. We recommend sites offering an intuitive user experience. You can be a new bingo player and still be able to play without a hassle.

Playing Bingo Online

  1. Choose any online casino from the top casinos on the Table.
  2. When on any of these casino sites, select or search for Bingo. They will offer you several bingo choices to choose from. Please select any one of them. Some casinos will want you to sign up before you start playing.
  3. Once you’ve selected a bingo game, depending on the game you’ve chosen, you will have to select how many scorecards you would like to play.
    If you play more than one scorecard, you could win in more than one scorecard in the same game. It is always better to select more than one scorecard.
  1. After selecting your cards, select the numbers you want to play. These are numbers that you want to be called or selected during the game. Online casinos use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to pick those numbers.
  2. After you’ve selected your numbers, you place a bet and start playing.
  3. Numbers called or randomly selected on online bingo rooms win if you’ve picked the numbers that are called or selected, Bingo! You’ve won.

Winning Bingo Card Patterns

Online Bingo varies across bingo sites, but there are more similarities across sites than differences. If you can play Bingo on one bingo site, you can play it on another site if you are playing the same bingo game.

The common winning combination used by online bingo sites:

  • X Pattern: This is a win by selected numbers intersecting on the bingo card.
  • A Straight Line: This is when the selected numbers are lined up in a straight row. This can be a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row.
  • Four Corners: This is when the selected numbers are positioned across the card’s four corners.

Main Types of Bingo Games

Bingo is one of the most loved games worldwide; it is easy to play, and almost anyone can play it. Over time, the game has expanded and now exists in various forms.

Below are the main games of Bingo available. It is important to remember that some casinos have created newer bingo games that we cannot mention every other game available. These are the commonly known bingo games.

30 Ball Bingo

30-ball bingo is called speed bingo and uses fewer numbers than any other bingo game. 30-ball bingo uses only 30 number balls to play. Scorecards carry 9 numbers, and each card has a 3*3 grid.

75 Ball Bingo

The scorecard for this bingo game carries a 5*5 grid with 24 numbers and an empty number square at the centre of the scorecard. 75-ball bingo (as you might have guessed) uses 75-number balls.

80 Ball Bingo

80-ball bingo uses a 4*4 scorecard, each with 16 numbers in total. 80-ball bingo uses multiple winning patterns such as 4 corners, single numbers, and horizontal and vertical lines.

90 Ball Bingo

This is the most popular type of Bingo. 90 ball bingo typically has three winning variations:

  • One-Line Bingo: Numbers pattern covered on a single row.
  • Two-Line Bingo: Numbers patterns are covered on two rows on the bingo card.
  • Full House: Numbers patterns covered on three rows on the bingo card.


Online Bingo Real Money

Casinos, including those we have recommended in the above Table, offer real money online bingo games. The good thing about the sites we recommend is that they offer generous bonuses, so your gaming experience can be worthwhile.

Playing real money bingo is the only way you could win big. You can try free online Bingo if you want to play Bingo for fun or experience.

Free Online Bingo

There are plenty of online sites offering free games. Some of the above-recommended sites offer free online bingo games for practice. Use these sites to practice Bingo or if you want to play the game for fun.

If you are looking to win real cash, avoid free online Bingo. There are plenty of bingos you can play for real money on the casino sites above.

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