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Recently, the Mortdale Hotel in Sydney’s south found itself in hot water for a serious breach of gaming regulations. During a routine inspection last August, officials discovered that the main exit from the bar area was locked, effectively funnelling patrons through the gaming room to leave the premises.

This direct violation of NSW gaming laws, which require separate exits and entries for patrons that bypass gaming areas, led to a fine of $2250 for the hotel.

Mortdale Hotel in Sydney Fined for Forcing Exit Through Gaming Room

Legal Ramifications and Public Safety Concerns

Paul Whitehead, the hotel’s licensee, faced conviction after admitting guilt in Downing Centre Local Court. This case underscores the serious consequences of disregarding gaming laws designed to protect patrons from the risks associated with gambling.

Jane Lin from Liquor & Gaming NSW emphasised that regulations are in place precisely to minimise gambling-related harm. By forcing patrons through the gaming room, the Mortdale Hotel not only broke the law but also potentially exposed patrons to the allure of gambling.

Implications for Hospitality

This incident serves as a stark reminder to all hospitality venues about the importance of compliance with gaming regulations. Beyond the financial penalty, non-compliance can damage a venue’s reputation and erode customer trust. It highlights the need for thorough staff training and robust internal protocols to ensure all aspects of gaming laws are strictly adhered to.

Ensuring Future Compliance

Moving forward, venues must review their operations to ensure they meet regulatory standards regularly. This includes maintaining clear exit paths that do not lead through gaming areas, as well as staying informed about any updates to gaming legislation.

Engaging proactively with regulatory bodies like Liquor & Gaming NSW can provide venues with guidance and support to uphold legal requirements effectively.

Mortdale Hotel Fine: Cautionary Tale


The fine imposed on the Mortdale Hotel underscores the importance of maintaining strict adherence to gaming laws. It serves as a cautionary tale for other venues, emphasising the legal and ethical responsibility to protect patrons from potential gambling harm. As regulatory bodies continue to enforce these laws rigorously, hospitality establishments must prioritise compliance to safeguard both their patrons and their operations.

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