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The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is unwavering in its mission to combat unauthorised online gambling activities. On the 21st of June, 2024, the ACMA publicly announced its request for internet service providers to impede access to additional offshore gambling sites.

This resolute action underscores the authority’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding Australian consumers from the risks associated with unregulated and unlicensed online gambling services.

ACMA Crackdown on Illegal Offshore Gambling in Australia

Protecting Australian Consumers through ACMA Crakdowns

In a bid to safeguard Australian consumers, the ACMA has taken a series of actions aimed at mitigating the threats posed by illicit gambling websites. An official from the ACMA conveyed that blocking websites is among the enforcement strategies employed to confront the issue of illegal online gambling.

Since the ACMA’s first request to block such sites in November 2019, a total of 995 illegal gambling and affiliate websites have been obstructed.

The most recent entities to come under scrutiny are A Big Candy, Jackpoty, and John Vegas Casino, which have been identified as operating contrary to Australian legislation. These entities present significant dangers to consumers, who might need to be made aware of the absence of legal protections and the associated risks of financial losses.

Enforcement and Regulatory Measures

The ACMA’s robust measures against unauthorized offshore gambling operators have been remarkably successful. Since 2017, over 220 such services have voluntarily withdrawn from the Australian market, influenced by the ACMA’s application of more stringent regulations. These regulations are firmly rooted in the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 (IGA), which strictly prohibits the offering of certain gambling services to Australian residents via the Internet, except for those providers who have obtained the necessary licenses.

In Australia, the licensed services encompass online betting, sports wagering, and lotteries. The ACMA’s strategy of limiting service offerings to licensed entities is designed to promote a secure gambling environment and maintain the integrity of the market.

The Scale of Illegal Offshore Gambling

An investigation by Responsible Wagering Australia, informed by H2 Gambling Capital’s data, reveals the extensive illegal offshore gambling industry in Australia. Estimated to exceed $1 billion, this sector represents about 15% of the nation’s total gambling market.

The study also points out the potential loss of revenue, with the racing and sports sectors at risk of forfeiting up to $1.6 billion in product fees and $1.3 billion in tax revenues from 2022 to 2027 due to these illicit activities.

Consumer Warnings and Risks

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has issued warnings to Australians regarding the perils of illegal gambling services. An ACMA representative has stated, “Engaging with illegal gambling services may result in financial detriment.” ACMA assists consumers by providing a registry to check the licensing status of domestic wagering services, an essential resource for informed decision-making and steering clear of unregulated entities.

The surge in online gambling, especially through unregulated offshore entities, has sparked significant alarm. These unauthorised operators present considerable dangers to Australian consumers, lacking legal safeguards and heightening the risk of monetary losses.

ACMA Crackdown Ensuring Safer Online Gambling

ACMA is dedicated to fostering a secure and regulated online gambling landscape in Australia by obstructing access to illegal sites and implementing stringent actions against unauthorised operations. This vigilant approach underscores ACMA’s dedication to upholding regulatory norms and safeguarding the interests of Australian consumers.

The digital betting environment is constantly changing, and the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is proactive in its oversight.

The agency implements a range of regulatory tactics to reduce the hazards that come with unauthorised betting services, thereby fortifying the online wagering environment for Australian users. Such steadfast commitment is vital for maintaining the trustworthiness and security of the online betting industry in Australia.


To encapsulate, the ACMA’s escalated actions against illicit offshore betting activities highlight its unwavering dedication to protecting consumers. Focusing on unlicensed entities and obstructing entry to dangerous sites, the ACMA is advancing in its mission to shield Australians from the perils of unlawful internet betting.

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