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The Star Entertainment Group has taken a significant step forward by naming Jeannie Mok as its new Chief Operating Officer (COO). Mok will officially step into her role on June 11, marking a key moment for the company as it continues to undergo substantial changes and reforms.

Star Entertainment Welcomes Jeannie Mok as New COO

Jeannie Mok’s Rich Experience

With over two decades of senior leadership experience, Jeannie Mok comes to Star Entertainment from Crown Resorts, where she served as Chief Transformation Officer. At Crown Resorts, she played a pivotal role in overseeing cultural and governance reforms, as well as leading the company’s transformation strategy. Mok’s extensive background and successful track record in driving change make her an invaluable asset to Star Entertainment.

Strategic Leadership Changes at The Star

Jeannie Mok’s appointment is a strategic move for The Star Entertainment Group, which is during significant leadership transitions. Anne Ward, the newly appointed Chair of Star Entertainment, expressed her excitement about Mok joining the team. Ward commented, “I am thrilled to welcome Jeannie as our new Group Chief Operating Officer. We are at a critical juncture in our company’s history, and Jeannie’s appointment bolsters our leadership as we work on implementing essential reforms.”

Ward emphasised that Mok’s leadership skills and industry experience will be crucial to the company’s ongoing transformation efforts. “Jeannie’s robust leadership capabilities and highly relevant industry experience will be vital assets to our continuous reform efforts. We are dedicated to fostering sustainable improvements and a culture of positive change throughout the organisation,” Ward added.

Recent Executive Restructuring

Jeannie Mok’s arrival is part of a broader executive restructuring at The Star. Anne Ward, who took over from former Chair David Foster at the end of April, is part of this shift. The restructuring follows announcements that former CEO Robbie Cook and former CFO Christina Katsibouba would be stepping down. Additionally, Jessica Mellor, the CEO of Star Gold Coast, resigned last month.

Moving Towards Stability and Growth

The Star Entertainment Group is optimistic that Mok’s leadership will bring stability and growth as the company approaches mid-year. With her vast experience in transformation strategies and deep industry knowledge, Mok is well-equipped to guide The Star through its current challenges and towards sustainable growth and positive change.

The Path Ahead Under Jeannie Mok’s Leadership

Jeannie Mok’s role as COO is expected to be pivotal for The Star’s future. Her expertise in cultural and governance reforms, combined with her strong leadership, will be essential in driving the company’s transformation agenda. As The Star focuses on implementing necessary changes, Mok’s leadership will be key in cultivating a culture of accountability, transparency, and positive transformation.

Anne Ward’s confidence in Mok’s capabilities highlights the significance of this appointment. “We are dedicated to driving sustainable improvements and fostering a culture of positive transformation at all levels of the organisation,” Ward reiterated. This dedication to sustainable improvement and positive transformation aligns with Mok’s previous work at Crown Resorts. Where she successfully led significant cultural and governance reforms.


The appointment of Jeannie Mok as COO of The Star Entertainment Group is a significant development for the company. Her extensive leadership experience and skills are anticipated to drive positive changes and sustainable growth. As The Star navigates its period of transformation, Mok’s leadership will be crucial in steering the company towards a future of stability and success. The Star Entertainment Group is hopeful that Mok’s appointment will herald a new era of excellence and innovation.

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