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SkyCrown Casino’s Crown Race kicks off, mates! Get ready to dive into the gaming action from 5 to 10 February 2024 for a ripper time. It’s your chance to snag the crown jewel, a cool $1,200 top prize!

The tournament brings the best of Playson and Booongo games with a bonza $7,500 prize pool. Just play qualifying games, rack up points with winning spins, and you could be spinning your way to glory. Don’t miss the fun – this is your shot at a fair dinkum gaming experience!

SkyCrown Casino’s Crown Race Tournament

How to Join the Crown Race Tournament

Joining the Crown Race Tournament is a breeze, and with these simple steps, you’re on your way to weaving your path to glory. Get ready for an unforgettable gaming experience filled with excitement, prizes, and the chance to claim the crown jewel!

Prepare yourself for an exciting journey as you dive into the Crown Race Tournament. Joining this exclusive event is as easy as spinning the reels. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get in on the action at SkyCrown Casino:

1. Gaming Armour Ready

Get ready to immerse yourself in the gaming world by gearing up with your virtual armour. The Crown Race Tournament promises a thrilling adventure, and the first step is ensuring you’re equipped for the challenge.

2. Choose Your Games Wisely

Navigate through the extensive list of participating Playson and Booongo games. Pick your favourites or explore new ones – the choice is yours. The variety of games ensures there’s something for everyone, adding an element of excitement to your gaming experience.

3. Spin and Accumulate Points

Once you’ve selected your games, start spinning those reels! The key to success in the Crown Race Tournament is accumulating points with each winning spin. Rack up those points by playing qualifying games and watch your position climb on the leaderboard.

4. Compete for the Crown Jewel

As you play and accumulate points, keep your eyes on the prize – the crown jewel with a tempting $1,200 reward. The tournament is not just about spinning and winning; it’s about claiming the top spot and securing the ultimate reward.

5. Enjoy the Journey

Remember, the Crown Race Tournament is not just a competition; it’s an opportunity to enjoy the world of gaming and have a blast. So, relax, spin those reels, and savour every moment of the gaming adventure.

Crown Race Prize Table

Embark on the Crown Race Tournament and stand a chance to claim your share of the impressive $7,500 prize pool. Here’s a breakdown of the prizes, showcasing the rewards for the top contenders:

Place Prize
1 $1,200
2 $900
3 $600
4 $450
5 $375
6 $300
7 $225
8 $187.50
9 $150
10 $112.50
11-20 $75
21-50 $37.50
51-100 $22.50


Top Prizes Await

Dive into the competition and aim for the top spot to secure the coveted $1,200 prize. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, the Crown Race Tournament offers an enticing reward system for players of all levels.

Varied Rewards for Every Player

Not only does the tournament boast a grand top prize, but it also ensures that a broad range of players are rewarded for their efforts. Everyone from the top 100 participants has a shot at claiming a share of the $7,500 prize pool.

Excitement at Every Rank

Each rank comes with its thrill, from the rush of claiming the top prize to the satisfaction of securing a spot in the top 100. The Crown Race Tournament creates an atmosphere of friendly competition and excitement for players to relish.

Spin, Win, and Claim Your Crown

As you navigate through the qualifying games, remember that each spin brings you closer to the possibility of being crowned a winner. The prize table is a roadmap to glory – follow it, accumulate points, and aim for the prize that suits your gaming ambition.

SkyCrown Terms and Conditions

The Crown Race Tournament offers an exhilarating gaming experience, and it’s crucial to acquaint yourself with the terms and conditions governing this exciting event. Here’s an in-depth exploration:

1. Tournament Duration

The Crown Race Tournament unfolds between 9:00 UTC on 5 February 2024 and concludes on 10 February 2024 at 23:59 UTC. This time frame is your window to immerse yourself in the competition and contend for the top prizes.

2. Eligibility Criteria

Participation in the Crown Race Tournament requires playing with real money. This criterion ensures a genuine commitment from players, elevating the competitive spirit of the event.

3. Prize Pool Information

The total prize pool for the Crown Race Tournament is an impressive $7,500. This substantial pool adds an extra layer of excitement, enticing players to vie for their share of the winnings.

4. Participating Games

The tournament features a diverse range of games, including popular titles like 3 Hot Chillies, Tiger Gems, Coin Strike: Hold and Win, and more. This variety ensures that players can choose games that align with their preferences and maximize their enjoyment.

5. Qualification Requirements

For a player to qualify and claim a prize, two conditions must be met:

  • Minimum bet: $0.2
  • Minimum number of spins: 50

These requirements set a standard for participation, allowing players to strategize their approach to accumulate points and climb the leaderboard.

6. Winning Mechanic: Multiplier Race

The Crown Race Tournament introduces a unique winning mechanic – the Multiplier Race. Players earn points based on the multiplier in their winning spins. For instance, a $2 bet resulting in a $120 win (x60 multiplier) would earn the player 60 points.

7. Leaderboard Updates

Throughout the tournament, the leaderboard is updated in real-time with each player’s spin. This transparency ensures that participants can track their progress and witness the dynamic shifts in rankings as the competition unfolds.

8. Prize Distribution

Cash prizes won during the Crown Race Tournament are credited to players’ accounts as withdrawable funds within 72 hours (3 business days) after the promotion ends. This prompt distribution adds an element of anticipation for the winners.

9. Campaign Changes

The casino reserves the right to update the campaign or suspend it temporarily, especially in cases of suspected bonus abuse, fraud, technical failures, or other factors beyond the casino’s control. Participants should stay informed about any updates.

10. Communication Updates

Stay in the loop by enabling the receipt of promotional emails and SMS. Regular updates about the Crown Race Tournament, including promotions and reminders, will be communicated through these channels.

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