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MintBet, a popular sportsbook in Victoria, recently received a significant fine of $100,000 from the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC). This penalty stems from MintBet’s failure to adhere to responsible gambling guidelines, which led to a customer engaging in a marathon 35-hour gambling session. Let’s delve into the details of this incident and the repercussions MintBet is facing.

MintBet Fined by VGCCC for Allowing Extended Gambling Period

MintBet Allowed 35-hour Gambling Session

In a concerning turn of events, a MintBet customer embarked on a staggering 35-hour gambling spree through their online account. Over roughly fifty hours, this individual placed a total of 327 bets, resulting in a substantial loss of $31,149.

Despite clear indicators of distress linked to problem gambling, MintBet continued to accept bets from the customer without intervention. It was only when the customer explicitly expressed harm that MintBet took action by closing their account.

VGCCC’s Findings

Upon investigation, VGCCC uncovered multiple breaches of MintBet’s Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct. The sportsbook failed to halt accepting wagers from a customer displaying distress signals associated with problem gambling, as mandated by the Code.

Furthermore, MintBet’s systems designed to prevent harm to vulnerable players were deemed inadequate, further violating responsible gambling standards.

MintBet Consequences and Response

The $100,000 fine imposed on MintBet serves as a wake-up call to all gambling providers, emphasising the importance of complying with responsible gambling codes. Added to the financial penalty, Mint Bet is required to outline improvements to its systems and processes to prevent similar incidents in the future. VGCCC will closely evaluate MintBet’s response to determine if further regulatory actions are necessary.

VGCCC’s Message and Resources

VGCCC’s Deputy CEO, Scott May, reiterated the critical role of responsible gambling codes in protecting individuals from harm. He emphasised that extended gambling periods are red flags for potential problem gambling and stressed the serious consequences for providers failing to uphold responsible gambling standards.

Additionally, VGCCC encourages individuals concerned about their gambling behaviour to utilise resources like BetStop – the National Self-Exclusion Register.

Calls for Collective Responsibility

MintBet’s fine by VGCCC underscores the importance of responsible gambling practices within the gambling industry. This incident serves as a reminder for all providers to prioritise customer well-being and intervene when necessary to prevent harm. VGCCC’s proactive approach and emphasis on compliance with codes of conduct are crucial steps in fostering a safer gambling environment for all.

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